Alex Pardee presents, BRIGHTMARES

Over the past year, artist Alex Pardee has traveled around the United States, digging into the most elusive archives in baseball’s history, uncovering some of the most fascinating, (and sometimes even horrific), stories from the sport. In various cities, he found actual accounts of werewolves playing baseball, aliens invading the field, masked maniacs, infections that were covered up, and there was even an incident where a baseball player got possessed by a mascot costume. Alex was able to shed light on some of these forgotten stories through Project 70, but he could only do so much with one outlet.

Now, through VARIANTZ, these stories continue, shedding even MORE light on these bizarre tales, and showcasing some of the DARKER parts of the stories. Highlighting the cities that hosted these incidents, and featuring a portrait of these bright-nightmares, each card also contains the uncovered story itself, and will surely be a completely unique addition to your trading card collection.

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Collection: Alex Pardee