Andrew Thiele presents, Heritage Series

There are always moments in sports that we never want to forget. The sights, sounds, memories, and feelings hold special meaning in our lives. With the Heritage Series, Andrew Thiele will continue to capture those moments within his "Heritage Series"

Andrew has been a key player in the sports world applying art to highlight some of the most iconic players and moments. With Variantz, Andrew was able to find a platform where he can pay homage to the roots of sports and culture, especially baseball. Each card captures a moment and place in time that are the backbone of what baseball is today. It is the history in baseball that made us remember how we fell in love for the game. Now we can share these moments and pass the it on to others. On the next release of the Heritage Series, Variantz will help produce these moments into a series of cards that captures a capsule of time.  

Collection: Heritage Series

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